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Milan Malpensa International Airport

The main international airport is Malpensa (Milan Malpensa, IATA: MXP). It's a large, modern, two-runway airport. The airport has two terminals, with Terminal 1 being the largest (international and intercontinental flights). Terminal 2 is used by a number of budget airlines, such as Easyjet, and has grown consistently in the last few years (2004-2008). The two terminals are connected by a free shuttle bus service (running approximately every 20 minutes). However, such shuttles are very small and the frequency is inadequate: long queues tend to form, which prompts several taxi drivers to station right next to the stop and pick up those passengers who don't want to or can't afford to wait. It is not uncommon for passengers to wait up to 40-45 minutes for the transfers: most shuttles are packed, forcing passengers to wait for the next one.

* SEA Aeroporti di Milano -The firm operating Malpensa and Linate airports.

* Malpensa Express Trains. This is the only frequent railway link between Malpensa and central Milan. (from late September 2010 a new rail service will be introduced, see below for details). The Malpensa Express Trains between Malpensa and Milano Cadorna is recommended as the easiest and fastest connection if you travel from the terminal 1 of Malpensa airport to the city centre (or vice versa), though it may be crowded at rush hours. Trains leave every 30 minutes from Terminal 1, arriving at Milan's Cadorna train station after 40 minutes (the Cadorna station is connected to Milan's subway network, at the intersection of the red M1 and green M2 lines). The last train departs at approximately 11:20pm, so if you arrive on a late flight or are delayed then you will need to take a bus or taxi. (see below) After the last train there are both buses that connect to Milan Cadorna station and buses that connect to Milan Central station (for bus to Milan Central station see below). Taking the train is not recommended if you have to reach Terminal 2, as the connections between T1 and T2 are very poor (see above)
o Fare: one-way €11.00, round trip in a single day €14.50. A new offer allows a family (or group) up to 2 adult and 2 children (up to 18 year old) to travel one-way for € 25. Your ticket must be bought and validated in the station before boarding. It is not more possible to buy tickets on board. The only option for a passenger without a ticket is to contact a ticket inspector when boarding or immediately after boarding (a surcharge of €5.00 will be added to the cost of a full rate single ticket in this case)
o To save a little bit of money at the expense of changing trains, buying two separate tickets and waiting some time at the connecting point, you may use the special train from Malpensa airport to Saronno and a regular service from Saronno to Milan (total cost for a single trip bought at the ticket office €8.10). An even cheaper way but with a much more difficult connection is changing in Busto Arsizio FN train station (total cost for a single trip bought at the ticket office €5.95). From 2010 some trains go directly from airport to Milan Cadorna station. If you are using such train, you can not split the journey as indicated and you need one ticket for the whole journey.

* S-lines a new service started in 2010, from Malpensa train station to the Passante Ferroviario (railway link), runs every hour, with the same price of Malpensa Express (€11, see above for more information). This service stops at the following station inside Milan: Milano Bovisa (where is possible to connect with a train to Cadorna), Milano Lancetti (where is possible to connect to some other S-line service), Milano Porta Garibaldi (where is possible to connect to line 2 of the underground or take several train from the surface station), Milano Repubblica (from which the Milano Centrale railway station is 1 underground stop or about 700 m / 0.5 mi walk. From this station it is also possible to connect to line 3 of the underground), Milano Porta Venezia, Milano Dateo, Milano Porta Vittoria (from where is possible to take, after a short walk, the bus 73 to Linate airport), Milano Rogoredo (from where it is possible to take several southbound train).

* Buses leave approximately every 20 minutes for Centrale Station and Linate airport, costing about €7.50 (€15 for a return ticket). Travel can take from 40 minutes (weekends) to 1 hour or more (during weekday mornings). Buses are the best bet if you arrive at Terminal 2. Since you need to take the slow airport internal shuttle bus to get to the train station, you might as well get on a bus directly to Milan. There is always a bus waiting, and they usually wait until the bus is completely full before departing.

* Using a taxi to get from Malpensa to the city center is expensive: €85 (fixed fee for a City-Airport trip, without further stops). Only taxis registered in Milan itself have signed up to the fixed fee agreement - taxis from outlying cities (which you will also find at Malpensa) have not signed on to the agreement, will still take you to Milan but will charge you the meter reading (generally €80+ in light traffic). If upon entering a taxi you do not see a card on the window or rear of the driver/passenger seats, then you are in a non-Milanese taxi. You can request the fixed fee if the driver refuses, then take the next taxi in the rank. You may find that if you take the fixed fee from a non-Milanese taxi then they take a slower non-toll road rather than the toll paying motorway (tolls are ALWAYS paid by the driver so are included in the meter or fixed fee). For more information about taxi fare see (in Italian, the fixed fares between airports and the city are in the bottom part of the page)

* You can reach Milan by Trenitalia trains departing from Gallarate train station. A bus service is available from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to Gallarate.

* You can also connect to Trenitalia trains in Busto Arsizio FS (also called Busto Arsizio RFI) station. A train (currently replace by bus, see note below) runs every hour, during daytime only, from Malpensa airport to Busto Arsizio FS (also calling at Fermo and Busto Arsizio FNM). and vice versa. First train from Malpensa airport to Busto Arsizio FS at 07:10. Last train from Malpensa airport to Busto Arsizio FS at 20:10.. First train from Busto Arsizio FS to Malpensa airport at 07:39. Last train from Busto Arsizio FS to Malpensa airport at 20:39. The journey takes 14 minutes. For full timetable of this service look at column in blue colour in the full timetable of service by Le Nord between Milano, Malpensa and Novara [6] (this connection is not shown in some shorter timetable). In Busto Arsizio FS station trains from Malpensa Airport arrive at platform "1 tronco" and train to malpensa airport depart from platform "1 tronco" (platform "1 tronco" is not the same as platform 1) . If you want to connect to a train service by Trenitalia (or other operator on the railway line managed by RFI) you will need to change platform. Trains from Milan arrive at platform 4. Trains to Varese (and other Northbound trains) depart from platform 4. Train from Varese (and other Southbound trains) arrive at platform 5. Trains to Milan depart from platform 5.
o From 1 July 2010 until unknown date the rail service between Malpensa airport and Busto Arsizio FS is suspended. It is replaced by a bus service which take 38 minutes for the journey. Until the railway service is suspended the total time of the journey is greatly increased and so this route is not advisable.

* From late September 2010 a new train service is being started connecting Milano Centrale to Malpensa terminal 1 directly by train. Some trains from other city in Italy (e.g Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna) after calling at Milano centrale will go to Malpensa airport terminal 1.[7]. Standard fares from Milano Centrale to Malpensa airport T1 (or vice versa) are €12.00 in 2nd class, €15.00 in 1st class. (As middle September 2010, there are just two service per direction per day. Departure times from Malpensa airport terminal 1: 19.21, 18.10; from Milano centrale: 08.57, 15.57; Journey time: 44 min.

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Linate Airport

Some European or national flights arrive at Linate Airport (IATA: LIN). This small but rather efficient one-runway airport is very close to the city centre (7 km). It is mostly serviced by airlines to domestic destinations and some European destinations. After the bankruptcy of the 'old' Alitalia and its merger with AirOne, the new airline abandoned Malpensa in favour of Linate.

* Taking connecting flights in Linate might take much longer than elsewhere because there is no through passage: you get off the airplane, get out of the security area, go through security again together with those passengers who have just arrived from Milan and not with a connecting flight, and only then can you board the new plane. If you're taking a connection from abroad it doesn't make much difference, because in these cases you have to go through security again (say, London to Palermo via Rome Fiumicino), but if both flights are domestic then you don't have to go through security again if the airport has a through passage (e.g. Palermo to Genova via Rome Fiumicino). This is common in most countries: the rationale is that apparently no one seems to trust security checks performed by other countries!

* Since the airport is so close to the city, it is served by buses of the city public transport network: Bus no. 73 outside the terminal building goes to San Babila Square, in the city centre, which is served by metro line MM1. This bus is not a dedicated service but a city transportation network bus with many stops en route, may get crowded during peak hours. The bus runs every ten minutes and costs €1. This bus service is managed by ATM [8], the public transport company of Milan. Tickets can be purchased from the newsagent inside the airport terminal or by the ATM vending machines close to the bus stop. Remember to validate the ticket when boarding the bus. With the same ticket, you can transfer to the metro (subway) system once and unlimited buses or tram streetcars in a 75 minute period. You can also directly use a comprehensive ticket to many places in the suburbs. For more detail see #Get around. Information and timetables available from the ATM web site. To catch the right 73 bus from the airport to Milan, look for direction "SAN BABILA M1" and avoid Line 73 buses directed to "S.FELICINO" (be very careful not to take a bus to San Felicino, because not only you would go in the wrong direction, but you would also be considered without a valid ticket for that journey) . On the other direction, when going from the city centre to Linate airport, you can get both buses directed to Linate airport or to San Felicino. During daytime the frequency of the bus is one bus every 5 to 10 minutes.

* A new express service Bus no. X73, by ATM, connect the Linate airport and San Babila Square, in the city centre and vice versa, via a route similar to the bus 73, but with just one intermediate stop (at Dateo, where interchange whit the Passante Ferroviario is possible). As it is a direct service it takes less time than the normal 73 bus and it is usually less crowded. The advertised journey time is 25 (but take into account more time than this, especially if you are travelling in peak time). This express service operates only weekdays 7AM-8PM and there is an express bus every 20 minutes. The ordinary ticket of €1 is accepted on this route, no supplement is needed, and you can transfer to the metro (subway) system and other bus (for more details about tickets see above and the Get around section).

* A dedicated bus service, called "Starfly", operated by Autostradale, connects Linate airport to Milan's center running every 30 minutes and tickets cost €5 per adult (ticket sold at local newsagent and on board). This bus also stop on route at Lambrate railway station. The journey takes approximately 27 minutes.

* A bus service, operated by Malpensa Shuttle connects Malpensa airport to Linate airport as well as Malpensa to Milan's Central train station (timetables, fares and ticket booking available online). The journey takes 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions.

* Taxis from Linate to the city centre cost around €12-20 depending on traffic conditions. The minimum charge is €12. If you are going to the centre, ignore all the guys standing at the exit to the terminal saying "taxi"... they are for destinations outside central Milan (ie, outlying cities) and will charge a minimum of €70. Queues for regular taxis can get long during peak commuter hours (early evening) and are particularly bad during Fashion Week.

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